Pretzels and Butterflies

When I least expect it it hits me like dense and fast moving cloud of fluttering butterflies, enough to shake me but no ability to shift me, the sight of those almond shaped eyes with a birth mark on the right, the authenticity in a smile which could crumble the hardest of mountains, the warmth of a hug that would calm a shivering tree and the radiance of skin which would light up the darkest of nights, what a magical being and what a lovely scene. A fleeting moment worth reliving and re-seeing, having said that; I realize that life is a series of moments, good and bad, nobody’s slate is clean, but everybody deserves to see the beauty of that slate, of their physical reflection and otherwise. Acceptance.

“Love takes off masks that we fear we cannot live without and know we cannot live within.” – James A. Baldwin

We cycle across the border, we watch men fish in the stream, we get our croissants and doses of baked chocolate goods; like children we ride back with the biggest of smiles on our faces and gentlest of winds on our backs, we are as light as feathers and as excited as flames. “Maybe just a peek”, we simultaneously think, half of what we had in our little box has disappeared, all that remains is the chocolate on our teeth, we’re just little kids in grown men’s bodies. You feed my body and soul like one of your own, who would have thought that this is how our friendship would’ve grown? Cordial exchanges and smiles, feelings of insecurity and caution, rural areas and urban, we’ve been there and we’ve shared what it meant for us to exist as friends and as non-blood-bound kin. Joy.

The long-lasting intoxication as a consequence of the love, care and acceptance received from individuals whom I have met under exceptional conditions in very distant lands is irreplaceable and hopefully incurable. Being seen maneuvering through situations of my own creation, being seen in a state of shame and accountability for situations prior to finally finding an agreement which compromises some of the conditions of my initial expectations and still being met with a tender and loving smile, still being met with a light heart and a skip in step, still with jokes and still with pleasure of having me in their presence, that’s a moment etched on a golden slab by the most heavenly of beings. Moments like those are a direct emission of the light that some of the beautiful souls whom I have encountered on my various traverses have emitted. They shared their positive thoughts and light with no expectations or exceptions; unconditional, impermanent and all wonderful. Appreciation.

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