The Land of The Rising Sun

Getting over the stereotypes bestowed upon me by those who have preceded me in such a journey, I walk onto the concrete of the land of the rising sun with an open mindset and a fear of being alone, as well as lonely. I haven’t been farther from the truth than this.

The level of interest, intrigue, curiosity and kindness of the people of this land is marvelous, they’ve approached me not knowing what language I speak nor what land I have come from, with pure intent and desire to connect. I’ve basically had encountered at least one new local friend in every city I have visited and they have all beautifully taken me around their respective cities and towns to show me the crevices and inner parts of the areas.

Being a traveler; it is easy to fall into a routine and/or attraction to strictly meet travelers and hear their stories and their experiences of the different places they’ve been to. I am the traveler, I love and appreciate the stories and advice given to me by fellow travelers, but it is not all that I want nor all that I need. I own my own paintbrush and my own color set, it is my decisions that will be reflected onto my canvas of life.

For the love of life, love your life and make sure it’s the one you want to spend the rest of your existence with.

Everyone is born and everyone dies, but not everyone lives.

7 thoughts on “The Land of The Rising Sun

  1. Those last two quotes were inspiring. I do believe people, in general, get in the routine and think they either can’t get out of it, or don’t want to because they are comfortable. I believe in the quote “Get comfortable with being uncomfortable” because we will grow as a person if we just do the things that make us uncomfortable!

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    1. I hear you loud and clear. Like the lobster that does not change its shell without outgrowing its current one and going through the “realization” that it is an uncomfortable condition to be in and thus doing what it takes to gain a greater and newer shell. Thank you for reading and commenting. I wish you all the best in your own journey!

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  2. I pray for the success of your journey for it is an individual who makesaid their own first step. I hope the experience of this journey will your fuel for how you live your life. It is you and only you who can paint the canvas of life. May you enjoy your journey and the experience that you’ll gain and share with others. Regards, Aziz.

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  3. Aw…reading this just brought back the most beautiful memory! The first person to tell me the wonders of life using the expression of ‘painting my own canvas’ was my Japanese teacher. I was 22 and about to leave the land of the rising sun.

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