The United State of Traveling

“Life is a balance of holding on and letting go” – Rumi

And boy am I letting go…

Detaching from the material attachments that I have formed over a decade by selling them, disposing of them or locking them away. I’ve left behind a place I have considered home for the whole of my adult life, which I had the expectation of going through some state of mourning, yet as I sit in this plane on my isle seat I am filled with a feeling of dissolved sense of self, an unsustainable and beautiful sensation. I am fortunate and grateful to have a rare opportunity, on a physical and psychological level, by which I can be wherever I want to, whenever I want to be and be whoever I want to be at any place and point in time with the social implications being very minimal and temporary, if any at all.

I’ve left behind a trace of light footprints, easily withered and washed away by the ocean of life. Because of, and not despite of, its state of impermanence and vulnerability to the tides of time, the beauty of these light footsteps is admirable and precious.

I carry with me a backpack with some of my material possessions and in my chest a heart filled with the warmest kind of I’ve and appreciation for my loved ones. It’s impossible to quantify the amount of love that I have for these great beings as it’s ever expanding and ever evolving. Unlike other loads that living beings carry, the greater the amount of love I carry one, I find that I can move with more agility, my footsteps imprint much more lightly and my state of happiness, pleasure and calm is maintained much more sustainably.

In my mind’s eye I see the vivid images of the ones I love and feel their presence so strongly. I see the smiles on their faces, their frowns across their brows, the tears of joy in their eyes and the looks of concern that the look at me with. I take it all in, I store all these safely in my heart and guard them tirelessly with my soul.

I am in a state of flow, a state of fluidity, a state of unity between mind, body and soul.

Traveling… What a great state to be in.

12 thoughts on “The United State of Traveling

  1. Congratulations Ali on the blog but more importantly on taking this wonderful journey. I look forward to hearing, reading and seeing more. I hope it’s everything that you wished and more!

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  2. The feeling of letting on is daunting! At least it was for me when I left Zenj in 1973. There was the excitement of grabbing something new and letting go your comfort zone. It is like being in a trapezium competition except here you are a competitor to your inner self.

    Go on Ali and live your imprint in whatever you touch or step on!

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    1. It is daunting, but as you can now appreciate, without letting go it’s tougher to grow (if possible) and less likely we appreciate what we have/had.

      Thank you for reading Dad and thank you for your constant encouragement and strength.


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